Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Call - Yorgo Alexopoulos: Transmigrations, through April 5

If you are like me this week, you have no time to stroll through Chelsea for unexpected wonders.  You have to cook and clean and great ready for the holidays - or maybe not.  Maybe you are going to be a guest.  Congratulations - you are in luck.  Now hurry, please, to Cristin Tierney's gallery for the last day of "Yorgo Alexopoulos: Transmigrations," a wondrous video installation packed with images from photos, drawings, paintings and video on 24 flat-screen monitors.  Inspired by Jennifer Bartlett's Rhapsody, a 987-enamel plate installation from 1976 (perhaps one of her best known works), Alexopoulos brings a new dynamic to the grid aesthetic.  Here his quick succession of images plunge us into worlds that touch on nature, fantasy and the beyond - a sort of digital meets spiritual.  We float, we fly, we soar through innumerable realms of visual splendor.

Perhaps Alexopoulos' Greek name conjures up dreams of driving into the deep blue Aegean Sea - so majestic and refreshing.  Transmigrations doesn't disappoint on this score.  Take a virtual dip and indulge your imagination.  Oopah!   Here a sample of the video 

Yorgo Alexopoulous:Transmigrations, Cristin Tierney, 546 West 29th Street, through April 5. 

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